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Imagine you are running your own successful online dating platform in the country or region of your choice without development investment.

You do the marketing - we take care of the technology. 

Franchise your own Video First Dating Platform

and start your own business today

Model 1 - Franchise:
You get exclusive usage rights for Lovvid for a specific region or country. The language of your choice will be implemented. Revenues generated within your region will go to your account.

Costs: One time setup fee, monthly operating fee depending on the number of users, a small share of the revenue generated with the platform, NO monthly license fee!

Model 2 - White Label
The platform will be branded exclusively to your brand. The languages of your choice will be implemented. Generated revenues made with your brand goes to your account.


Costs: Setup + customization fee, monthly operation fee depending on size of your customer base


The Platform runs on

  • Desktop

  • Hybrid APP for Android and IOS

  • Mobile Web-App (PWA) runs on any browser

       it provides additionally:

  • Admin console (user management, maintenance and communication)

  • In App purchases (Android/iOS) are supported

  • PayPal Plus purchase for WEB and PWA

The user can enjoy the following Lovvid core features

  • Search through video profiles of other users

  • Engage with other users (like, message….)

  • Use integrated chat and video chat functions

  • Upload own videos via Mobile Camera, File, Facebook

  • Generate thumbnail from own videos

  • Blur own Video – Only the voice is audible


Things of interest

  • Lovvid is live and up and running

  • Lovvid supports currently following languages: English, German & Portuguese

  • There is a “Video of the day” function to inspire users

  • We have an existing user base

  • Support of referral program

  • Match function

Your own ideas

  • In case you have specific features, you want to have implemented we can customize the platform to your needs.


Developing such a platform yourself from scratch will cost you a lot of time and money:

First the concept has to be defined, then a user-friendly interface needs to be created, video engines need to be optimized and a scalable backend has to be programmed. Before you launch the solution, you need to test it intensively on various smartphones and browser systems. Then you have to add a bullet prove user management and payment system. Quickly 12-18 months have passed and thousands of Euros are spent just on development. Such a solution then requires constant improvement and adaptations due to changing interfaces and devices. The total costs that arise are usually completely underestimated – trust us here – we went through it.

What is our job and what is your job?

We provide, maintain and operate the Lovvid platform and you take care of the marketing and monetarisation in your region or country.


Would you like to learn more about Lovvid?

Please contact us via the Contact Us form below or via:
Tel. / WhatsApp: +49 152 36516408

What is Lovvid?

Lovvid is a state-of-the-art Online-Video-First-Dating-Platform. Instead of boring pictures users can browse through entertaining and charming videos which also show the personality of the other user. It is like Tinder meets Tik-Tok. The platform runs on the user’s desktop or can be used on IOS and Android phones as apps.

What do you franchise or license?

We support two models:

What are the main features of the Lovvid video first dating platform?
Why Franchising the Lovvid Online Dating App?


Dating moved from print to digital to mobile. Now video is the media of choice for sharing information but also to meet and learn more about each other. Lovvid monetizes on this mega trend and offers the users a platform to find interesting people through entertaining and inspiring videos.

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